W series
  • Lightweight, compact and practical phone
  • Trend design, show king styleTextured back cover highlights grace and elegance
Y series
  • Full screen Dual camera flagship
  • A comprehensive screen that shocks youWith rear dual camera 13.0+2.0MP, you can take clearer pictures
  • Wisdom and beauty, youthful vitality
  • Double shot beautiful, youthful style.
K series
  • A new generation of EL titanium phone.A combination of world-class luxury materials and craftsmanship,titanium alloy frame contains the outstanding design concept,black matte titanium alloy parts, with the first layer of imported calfskin, a silent luxury.
  • Full screen, wonderful online.The K20 has a 5.7-inch full-screen, 18-inch screen, a wider field of vision, and a more exciting picture, which is loved by fans and loved by game fans.
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